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Landscape maintenance

We strive to accommodate each clients' needs while providing the best service available - we care for your landscape as if it was our own.  Our landscape maintenance service operates solely on 12-month service agreements for weekly service during the growing season; twice a month in the winter.  Our service area includes North Bend, Snoqualmie, Fall City, Carnation and Sammamish.  Great service does not come at the cost of less-than-great-service!  


  • Lawn only-Trimming, edging, mowing and blowing of hard surfaces

  • Lawn only plus lawn health care-Includes aerating 2x per year, organic fertilizer and lime applications.  Weed control in lawns can be added per request while moss control is evaluated on an as-needed-basis


  • plant/bed care only-Weed/leaf management + plant/tree pruning

  • full maintenance-All services listed - in one comprehensive package, also the most cost-effective

* An inital clean-up of your property will need to be performed by us prior to starting any Full or Plant Maintenance program

Landscape clean-up

Does your landscape feel overwhelming, out of control or messier than you would like it to be?  We are here to help make your landscape more manageable and beautiful.  Our top priority is to get your landscape to be as low-maintenance as possible, no matter who maintains it afterward.  Thoroughness is the key to a lasting, tidy appearance.  As straight-forward as landscape clean-up work may seem, the details make all the difference, and we always pay attention to the details.

Here is brief list of landscape clean-up tasks we offer professionally:

  • Weed and Leaf management in beds and lawns

  • Pruning of plants and trees - this is not to be confused with sheering or shaping any and all things growing on your property.  Plants deserve more respect than that!

  • Lawn rejuvenation practices such as aerating, over-seeding, etc.

  • Establishing crisp lawn edges

  • Plant removal/replacement

  • Mulch installation

We are not accepting any new work, except from our existing clients, at this time.